Privacy policy

Kislog is committed to share information on how we handle your data – how it is gathered as well as how it is kept private and confidential. This page details our procedures which have taken the European Parliament GDPR regulations 2016/679 dated 27 April 2016 as guideline.

Where is personal data gathered from?

Kislog collects data that is shared on our website,, as well as that gathered on sales calls and visits from our sales team.

Why does Kislog collect personal data?

The data collected by Kislog is simply aimed at getting to know their (prospect) clients better and to allow these same clients to be shown information about our products, projects and other useful information. This is sent across either via phone or email.

What do we collect data for?

All gathered data is used exclusively for Kislog’s internal use with the purpose of supporting your business better. Kislog will not share, exchange nor share this information with any other third party – with the only exception of this being demanded by legal authorities.

How do we handle your data?

Only Kislog professionals who work in the specific areas linked to the purposes earlier described have access to the gathered data which is used mostly for mailing campaigns.

How secure is your data with Kislog?

We go the extra mile to protect your information, using tecnologic and admin means to be sure data is secure. Data that flows into Kislog’s website is under SSL security protocol. Although we recognise that this method offers just under 100% protection, it is the most sophisticated on the market at present. In addition, your data is solely kept and managed by Kislog’s databases as opposed to external ones and we perform regular back-ups to minimise data losses should any storing problems occur.

What if we happen to be hacked?

Should a data breaching problem occur resulting in unauthorized use of the stolen data we will act in accordance with the European guidelines previously stated.

How may I learn which data is being used?

Please feel free to email us on, with Privacy Policy in the subject of your email, should you wish to be given more information on this.

How can I update my data on Kislog's database?

Please feel free to email us on, with Privacy Policy in the subject of your email, should you wish to alter your details.

How can I ask Kislog to remove my data from the Database?

Please feel free to email us on, with Privacy Policy in the subject of your email, should you wish your details to be removed from our database.

Are there any circumstances under which my data may not be removed from Kislog's database?

In principle, you may ask for your data to be withdrawn from our database at any point. We may not however, remove that linked to previous campaigns, neither erase it should under request from legal authorities.

Which other data can be gathered?

Our website allows for a cookie choice to ensure a better customer experience. These cookies also manage third party website cookies which help recognising our users. It is your choice to personalise these cookies and not accept them should you not wish to. The required cookies such as location, internet service provider, IP address, time and date of access etc are uniquely used to enhance visitor experience on Kislog’s website.

Is data considered sensitive being stored too?

Kislog does not deliberately gather any sort of data that is considered sensitive data.

Is my data shared with third party databases?

Data may be shared with authorities that may require these or with Kislog partners in a future

Is data gathered from under 18's?

Our data collection is not aimed at under age individuals in any form as our product does not target them.

What happens to data provided to Kislog on a quote request from a client?

Data shared by prospect or existing clients is only used for business purposes that may be of interest to the client him/herself.

What about data gathered on Kislog's social media channels?

This data is only to be used to provide Kislog’s services in a more effective way as well as clarify any questions from prospect or existing clients.

Can this data handling policy suffer changes?

Yes indeed, depending on any legal updates as well on enhanced technologies that may impact the current policy. All changes will be featured on this page in the due course.

Have pending questions?

Please feel free to email us on, with Privacy Policy in the subject of your email.