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Stands para Feiras, Congressos e Eventos

Each Project is unique

Structures for Fairs, Congresses and Events

Having worked for mover 25years in the field, Kislog offers a solid market experience in conference and event production. We operate throughout Europe having put events together in 18 different European countries. You can reply on our team to source the necessary furniture and assemble the space as needed: booth and lounge areas, auditoriums, meeting spaces, you name it! You can further count on a full service, from designing the event floorplan and signage, building the structures, sourcing furniture as well as dismantling at the end.


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The team has a great knowledge of the various designs, layouts and booth building techniques, allowing us to suggest and provide suitable solutions for every scenario.

Booths for fairs and events

By leaving the conference/event space design with us, you will have the time to focus on promoting your products and converting business. From start to finish, the structure is our responsibility.

Why will you benefit from working with Kislog?

A versatile and experienced team who are trained to adapt to the different circumstances and unexpected last minute changes.

Several options available

A vast portfolio that comprehends different aluminium structures, quick and easy to assemble as well as carpentry experts for customised solutions

More than 25 years of experience

Well established since 1994, offering solutions in Portugal, where we are based, as well as the whole of Europe

Client focus

Our focus is to make you look good by providing for a successful event with a timely, smooth and stress free process.

Quality oriented

Expect a dedicated team, who adapts to your availability, and the highest quality materials.

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